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Over the course of this past semester, I read and reviewed a series of novels, analyzing how each fit the typical characteristics of the genre. I enjoyed this project as a whole, especially the additional component of discussing the novels with my classmates. It was like having a mini book club each week! I feel that I learned a good bit about genres and classifying novels, and gained experience talking about books in terms of such characteristics. I did not, however, expand my taste in books. I found that I liked the genres I thought I would, and did not like the genres I expected to dislike (ugh, The Notebook!). This could have been the power of expectation, or poor title choices on my part, but either way, it was not as horizon-expanding as I had hoped. Nor did I become any more comfortable in providing reader’s advisory (book suggestions) to others. It was, however, a step in the right direction and both enjoyable and educational. It has also inspired me to keep posting on my blog. Overall, I would say it was a solid success.