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I finally got around to reading H. G. Wells’ The Time Machinea couple of weeks ago. It’s a classic that has been on my list for awhile. It’s a short read (94 pages in my edition) and is completely different from what I expected. I very much enjoyed it though, and it provided some good thought and discussion fodder (My boyfriend and I read it at the same time for the purpose of discussing it together).

The basic premise is that the Time Traveler builds a machine to travel into the future, and most of the book details his adventures in the future. Telling much more than that would give away essential plot surprises, so I will leave it at that. The book is much more of an allegorical social commentary than a futuristic sci-fi. The writing is easy to read and the story engaging. My copy is an annotated critical edition (a Barnes & Noble Classics), but I did not benefit from the footnotes, and many just gave away upcoming plot twists. The footnotes did provide some interesting context in terms of specific contemporary authors and philosophers that H. G. Wells referred to or made jabs at, but I was looking to read this book outside of the context of its writing (I was reading it because it is a classic, after all).

I absolutely recommend this book to every one. It’s a short and enjoyable read while also thought-provoking, and it’s definitely one I plan to keep in my permanent book collection.