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This is the first in a series of posts that will detail my project to visit every coffee house in Denton while I am a student here. Although I’m generally not productive at coffee shops (noise of any kind is very distracting to me), I love hanging out in them; this is more of a stress relief project than anything else.

My first coffee house is Jupiter House, a coffee shop on the cute little downtown square that I’ve been to a few times before and enjoyed. It claims to be “Denton’s original coffee house since 1994” and “voted best coffee shop in Denton 5 years in a row,” and I can see why that it is. It’s got a great atmosphere. It’s a large, simple, rectangular space with three rows of tables of different sizes, with some tables and chairs outside. There are lamps on the tables against either wall, simple lights and ceiling fans above, and a few cool star lamps hanging from the ceiling. There’s a community bulletin board by the entrance, a couple of couches on the other end of the room, plenty of accessible plugs, and free wi-fi (which is somewhat slow). At 10:30 on a Sunday morning, it’s comfortably crowded, with an equal mix of conversationalists and studiers. It’s got a wide mix of patrons, something I love about in Denton in general, and would make for great people watching. As for the coffee, it’s amazing. Today I got an “integrated,” the equivalent of a black and white mocha. Jupiter House offers a wide range of special coffees, lattes, smoothies, and milkshakes, as well as bagels and bagel sandwiches, a range of bottled drinks and soda on tap, and so many amazing looking baked goods. In past visits I’ve had a normal mocha and an espresso spiked milkshake, as well as one of the baked goods (Zucchini bread? Banana bread? Some kind of bread). Every item I’ve ordered and every visit I’ve had here has been wonderful. It’s always been some level of crowded when I’ve been here, though today I’m not sure there’s even any open tables left. It is definitely a bit noisy, so for me it’s a good place to come with a friend rather than to do much work (and it has the added benefit of being on the square, offering plenty of other options to see after done with coffee with said friend). The baristas have always been friendly, and I generally even get a little bit of art in my milk foam. I wholeheartedly recommend Jupiter House to anyone and everyone, and think it’s a must stop-in spot when visiting the downtown square.